in shape.

I haven’t chewed food in over 48 hours. #SendHelp #WhyAmIDoingThis

I haven’t chewed food since Sunday night around 10 p.m. I promise I’m not crazy.

The idea of juicing has been on my mind off and on ever since I watched Joe share the amazing health benefits in Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. It has taken years to pull the trigger because juicing seemed too difficult and too extreme. I wasn’t ready to commit. Today, I am 30 pounds heavier and indulging in  horrible eating habits. This in mind AND staring squarely in the face of age 35, juicing doesn’t seem so crazy. It actually seems practical, necessary even.

There is something about abstaining from chewing food that makes one contemplative. Perhaps this is why fasting is a popular religious exercise. Fasting requires discipline, self-control, and time management skills. These qualities are the precise reasons I’m doing this. When I choose the 4 for $4 menu at Wendy’s instead of eating the grilled chicken and veggies I have cooked at home, I’m showing a lack of discipline. When I eat that extra slice of pizza when I’m already full, that’s a lack of self-control.  When I buy food to cook, but make no time to prepare it, leading to the “need” grab fast food, I’m not exercising my time management skills.

Glo note: Why is this so tasty?

During these 14 days  4 days 14 days, I hope to sharpen my discipline, self-control, and time management skills. So far, so good! Since Monday, I have successfully made my juices, avoided impulse eating, and passed up yummy food at a retirement ceremony.

The general idea is if I can pass on Reese’s cups, chicken tenders, bacon, Santita’s, and deep dish pepperoni pizza now, I will be able to do the same when I begin chewing my food again. Practice control now, so I can practice it later. I also hope a break from packaged foods, sugary drinks, and deep fried foods will curb my taste for those foods. Only time will tell…

As I close out day three, the biggest lesson I have learned is that I can do it. And I hope to prove it again tomorrow and the next day and the next day. In juicing, I’m doing something I never thought I would do because I didn’t think I could do it. Each day I follow through I think to myself, “Glo…you can do this.” And that thought doesn’t begin and end with juicing.

I hope this positive self talk echoes in my mind in as many situations as possible.

“Glo…you CAN do this.” 

Yes, yes I can.