About Me.

Hey you!

I’m not sure how you landed on this blog, but I’m so happy you did.

I’ve got a bit of a secret that most folks who only know me casually don’t know…I’m a bit…”stuck” right now. I know what I think I want to do next, but I’m not sure how to get there.  There is a huge chasm between the life I want to live and the live I’m living. I’m in the “I wish I could…” stage and have been for a while now. This blog is about going, doing, and seeing. It’s about actively PURSUING, the woman I want to be.

Make no mistake…I’m not an unhappy person. If you’re reading this and find yourself at a similar place in life, you probably aren’t altogether unhappy either. We’re really just being honest about the fact that there are certain aspects of our lives in which we are unfulfilled. For me,  I’m at the point where my time, relationships, and freedom are top priorities. This blog is about transforming my life to better align with those priorities.

So really, who am I though? 30 something. Married. Dog mommy. Redeemed. Entrepreneurial minded. Sometimes, I try and I fail. Other times, I try and succeed. I love music, movies, reading, laughing, sleeping, politics, theology, responding on social media with pictures or .gifs, and dreaming up new ideas.

I hope you’ll stick around through the life of this journey and watch me “get a life” worthy of the time I’ve been given on this planet. If you’re at the same place as me, my goal is to inspire you to “get a life” too.



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